I am currently a Textile Designer working for a Home Fashions Company in NYC.   Before I moved here seven years ago I was a Textile Artist and Weaver in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For the past few years I have focused more on CAD Surface Design and communicating with mills in China, India, and Turkey rather than weaving my own work.  I knew I would pick up weaving again but it was hard to find the time and space, especially within the confines of a small one bedroom apartment.  I am a lover of all manner of Textiles, I love prints, wovens, embroideries, I love collecting textiles on my travels but my weavings are not conventional by any means.  I primarily weave plastic, audio/videotape and other recycled materials using monofilament, wire, and polypropylene as the warp.


I collect shiny plastics and bits of garbage attempting to weave them into something beautiful and interesting.  This synthetic material surrounds us everywhere and it is a byproduct of oil that will never go away.  As my bags of collected plastics grow around me, it feels like my personal duty to transform these materials through the artistic process instead of letting them end up in a landfill.  I find the shiny surface of the woven plastics seductive yet in a disturbing way that is reminiscent of the glimmer and flashiness of new packaging.